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Mark E. Smith Interview

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  1. When Mark E Smith of The Fall starts an interview by trying to stub a fag out in your face, trouble can only follow. Here's what happened when loaded went for a 'chat'.
  2. Jan 24,  · For over 40 years, Mark E. Smith was one of the most entertaining personalities in rock, both on and off the stage, mainly for saying exactly .
  3. He mentioned in his email that his dream interview would probably be with Mark E. Smith from the Fall, so I helped arrange it. Mark and Patrick had a long distance chat on the phone this past.
  4. Jan 25,  · The Fall frontman, who has died aged 60, remained combative and funny to the last. Here is his final Guardian interview, conducted in autumn Appreciation – Legend of the Fall: Mark E Smith Author: Daniel Dylan Wray.
  5. “I survived a Mark E. Smith interview”: one NME writer’s unique experience with the post-punk provocateur One tell-tale sign that an interview might not .
  6. May 28,  · Mark E Smith's greatest interview hits Watch the Fall frontman mumble his way through football results, stick his tongue out while discussing John Peel's death, and offer his sister to Frank Skinner.
  7. Heaven knows Smith had form – a friend would often recall the time he sat down to interview Smith only to have the Fall singer immediately try to stub his cigarette out on .
  8. Mark E Smith: Yeah, I can. Very much so. Especially for people of my generation, that’s what got ‘em on it. The year-olds who still come to the gigs and all their mates laugh at ‘em. Well, that’s what got them into The Fall. That was the intention of it. The intention of it was to end it [The Fall].

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